SAMPLING IN RESEARCH | Nyaydarsh Aur Pratidarsh Ki Paribhasha Aur Prakar | Pratichayan Pribhasha |

Sampling in Social Research

Sampling in Social Research it’s type and definition Lecture by Dr, Sheeba Khalid SAMPLING IN RESEARCH What is sampling? Sampling in Social Research: Sampling is a technique of selecting individual members or a subset of the population to make statistical inferences from them and estimate the characteristics of the whole population. we use Different sampling methods … Read more

Data Collection Methods And Types | Data Sangrah Ki Paribhasha Aur Prakar |

We will discuss Data Collection Methods Types What is Data Collection?• The process by which the researchers collect theinformation needed to answer the research problem.•In an established systematic fashion that enables oneto answer stated research questions, test hypotheses,and evaluate outcomes. Ways of Searching for Research Instruments• Read professional journals to learn what kind ofinstruments are … Read more