Contract Law

Contract Law Fourth edition Mary Charman

Contract Law Fourth edition: The study of any area of law can appear somewhat daunting to a new
student and presenting material in an accessible way, while retaining
academic integrity has become a significant feature of each edition of this
book. This new edition is no exception and the book aims to be a complete
text for students of Contract Law at A-level as well as those on other
courses in further and higher education. Contract Law Fourth edition: The frequent revision program
means that the book is up to date with regard to examination specifications
and this edition incorporates the new OCR four-module requirements,
including both new source materials for the Special Study paper and
examples of the new-style dilemma questions.
As before, the book includes opportunities to make connections between
areas of law and to consider the moral, ethical, and social issues found
within the law. The reminders within the text prompt you to think about
issues, to consider whether outcomes are fair to individuals, and to consider
the way in which justice is achieved within the broad context of the society
in which we live. Many of these issues are raised in ‘boxed’ questions,
indicating points at which you could stop and consider answers for yourself
before moving on to the next section. At the end of each chapter is an
updated set of questions, including some from recent A2 examination
papers, for you to practise, with suggested outline answers at the end of the
book. A whole section towards the end examines the general context of the
law of contract, and the specific ways in which a synoptic overview is
assessed by the major examination boards have been updated. The aim is
twofold: to help you to achieve success in examinations and to present a
context in which contract law may be set in order to acquire skills for life
and to extend the value of study.
Many students have found the key skills section useful in assembling
their portfolios, finding that generally those students who achieve a
qualification at an advanced level do have such key skills in order to
undertake their studies. At A-level there are specific requirements for this
qualification, so to aid you in achieving this as smoothly as possible, a
section is included to suggest some ways in which these skills can be
demonstrated through your ‘normal’ study of contract law, and in fact to
show how the assessments can complement and enhance each other.
It is obviously important that a law textbook keeps up to date, since the
law itself is a living and changing entity, reflecting the society in which we
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live. This book is based on the state of the law at the time of publication,
including recent cases and statutes. Try to read quality newspapers and
legal journals, visit courts and legal practices, and make full use of the
internet. The opinion of others is valued as a resource in both forming an
individual view and in assessing the current state of the law. I have
suggested further resources which you may like to investigate to help
broaden your knowledge and to become aware of new law as it develops.
I hope that this book helps you not only to acquire the knowledge that
you need to pass examinations, but that it will encourage you to be
enthusiastic in your study of Contract Law for its own sake, so that you
really want to find out more because you are genuinely interested. Most of
all, I wish you well in your studies and examinations, and hope that you are
indeed successful

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