Corporate and Business Law (English)PAPER F4

Corporate and Business Law (English)PAPER F4, ACC Approved free pdf

Corporate and Business Law: BPP Learning Media – Approved Learning Partner – content
As ACCA‘s Approved Learning Partner – content, BPP Learning Media gives you the opportunity to use
study materials reviewed by the ACCA examination team. By incorporating the examination team’s
comments and suggestions regarding the depth and breadth of syllabus coverage, the BPP Learning
Media Study Text provides excellent, ACCA-approved support for your studies.
The PER alert, Corporate and Business Law
Before you can qualify as an ACCA member, you not only have to pass all your exams but also fulfill a three-year practical experience requirement (PER). To help you to recognize areas of the syllabus that you
might be able to apply in the workplace to achieve different performance objectives, we have introduced
the ‘PER alert’ feature. You will find this feature throughout the Study Text to remind you that what you
are learning to pass your ACCA exams is equally useful to the fulfillment of the PER requirement.
Your achievement of the PER should now be recorded in your online My Experience record.
Tackling studying
Studying can be a daunting prospect, particularly when you have lots of other commitments. The different
features of the text, the purposes of which are explained fully on the Chapter features page, will help you
whilst studying and improving your chances of exam success.
Developing exam awareness
Our Texts are completely focused on helping you pass your exam.
Our advice on Studying F4 outlines the content of the paper, the necessary skills you are expected to be
able to demonstrate and any brought forward knowledge you are expected to have.
Exam focus points are included within the chapters to highlight when and how specific topics were
examined, or how they might be examined in the future.
Using the Syllabus and Study Guide
You can find the syllabus and Study Guide on pages x – xvii of this Study Text
Testing what you can do
Testing yourself helps you develop the skills you need to pass the exam and also confirms that you can
recall what you have learned.
We include Questions – lots of them – both within chapters and in the Practice Question Bank, as well as
Quick Quizzes at the end of each chapter to test your knowledge of the chapter content.

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