Data Analysis with Microsoft® Excel Updated for Office 2007®

Data Analysis with Microsoft® Excel: Updated for Office 2007® harnesses
the power of Excel and transforms it into a tool for learning basic statistical
analysis. Students learn statistics in the context of analyzing data. We feel
that it is important for students to work with real data, analyzing real-world
problems, so that they understand the subtleties and complexities of analysis
that make statistics such an integral part of understanding our world.
The data set topics range from business examples to physiological studies
on NASA astronauts. Because students work with real data, they can appreciate
that in statistics no answers are completely final and that intuition and
creativity is as much a part of data analysis as plugging numbers into
a software package. Data Analysis with Microsoft®: This text can serve as the core text for an introductory statistics course or as a supplemental text. It also allows nontraditional students
outside of the classroom setting to teach themselves how to use Excel
to analyze sets of real data so they can make informed business forecasts
and decisions.

Building a Web Site FOR DUMMIES: 4TH EDITION
Users of this book need not have any experience with Excel, although
previous experience would be helpful. The first three chapters of the book
cover basic concepts of mouse and Windows operation, data entry, formulas
and functions, charts, and editing and saving workbooks. Chapters 4 through
12 emphasize teaching statistics with Excel as the instrument.
Using Excel in a Statistics Course
Spreadsheets have become one of the most popular forms of computer software,
second only to word processors. Spreadsheet software allows the user
to combine data, mathematical formulas, text, and graphics together in a
single report or workbook. For this reason, spreadsheets have become indispensable
tools for business, as they have also become popular in scientific research. Excel in particular has won a great deal of acclaim for its ease of use and power.

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