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We will discuss Data Collection Methods Types What is Data Collection?
• The process by which the researchers collect the
information needed to answer the research problem.
•In an established systematic fashion that enables one
to answer stated research questions, test hypotheses,
and evaluate outcomes.

Ways of Searching for Research Instruments
• Read professional journals to learn what kind of
instruments are being used for similar studies, their format,
style and how they are used by the writers.
• Read books that provide a description or an actual copy of
various instruments for the reader.
• Talk with other researchers who may know of certain tools
they have developed for themselves or may have used tools
developed by others.

Ways of Searching for Research Instruments
• Combine or adapt one or more tools used by other
• Develop his/her own instrument to fulfill a specific need.

Types of Data
• Primary Data: Are those which are collected fresh
and for the first time and thus happen to be original
in character.
• Secondary Data: Are those which have been
collected by someone else and which have already
been passed through the statistical process.

The most popular methods of data collection in
which the data was being obtained.

• It may be through the use of a self-administered
questionnaire or through the use of an interview
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Data Collection Methods and Types

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