Free Hidden Google Games

Free Hidden Google Games : Google features a number of entertaining hidden games in addition to searches. In this post, we’ve chosen the top 10 Google games that you can play for free. Snake, Tic-Tac-Toe, Cricket, Pac-Man, Basketball, Pony Express, and more games are on the list. Anyone may play these incredibly casual games as long as their gadget is linked to the internet. Furthermore, there is no requirement to download or install any programme. Google games are compatible with all current gadgets, including Android phones, iPhones, laptops, and PCs. Let’s look at the list now without further ado: google games doodle

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Free Hidden Google Games

Try out some of these Google games if you enjoy playing casual games every now and then.


Let’s get things going with Snake, one of the most well-known video games ever. The basic objective of this game, which was first released back in the 1990s on Nokia phones, is to devour as many apples as you can while avoiding running into the box’s walls to avoid losing. The score will increase as you eat more apples. But keep in mind that as the snake lengthens, the game may get rather challenging as there may be less room for movement, increasing the likelihood that you will lose. Google has added a number of game modes and customization choices for players to pick from to give it a contemporary spin.

google games free no download

Ways to play

Simply enter the phrase “Play snake” into Google on your computer or mobile device to start playing the Snake game. After pressing enter, a play button and the game’s banner will appear right away. Click the “gear” icon to adjust different parameters to your desire to personalise game modes and the background’s aesthetics.



Want to watch some cricket, but don’t feel like downloading an app or playing a game? You can rely on Google Search. In this simple cricket game, all you have to do is score as many runs as you can for your team using either the spacebar or the mouse as your controllers. To strike the ball after it has been bowled, use the left mouse button or the spacebar. Depending on how far the ball was hit, your player will take the runs by themselves. You can even hit massive sixes and boundaries if you time your shot correctly.


Ways To Play

All you need to do to play this game is go to Google and type “cricket Google game” into the search field. Select the first result that appears, then begin striking some sixes. You may also find the game here.


Another well-known game that Google has integrated into its search engine is ic-Tac-Toe. Playing against an AI, you must line up Xs or Os on a three-by-three grid in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal pattern in order to score points in this turn-by-turn game. When both players unsuccessfully attempt to form a line, the game may also result in a draw.

Ways to play

To play this game, type “tic tac tao” into Google, and the game’s layout will appear. Simply press one of the grid’s boxes to make your mark—an X or an O—and begin the game. The button in the corner may also be used to adjust the game’s difficulty.


One of the most well-known video games from the 1980s has been kept current by Google. For those who are unfamiliar, in this game, you must consume all the dots in order to go through a maze while evading the four ghosts that will be after you. Grab the large dot on each corner of the maze to give you the ability to consume them in order to defeat them. However, they won’t remain out of the way for long, so finish the level as soon as you can.

Ways to play

Go to Google search on your phone or computer and enter “pac-man.” Hit the “Play” button to play a game of entertainment after the results page has loaded.

Pony Express

Pony Express is a game you may play on Google to kill some time. As the game’s name would imply, the main character travels on a pony while collecting letters and mail along the route and delivering them to their final destination. You must dodge obstacles like cactus and pebbles on your way and cross the finish line using just the arrow keys to progress to the subsequent levels.

Ways to play

Enter “play pony express” into Google Search, and then click the first result that appears. To start your trip as a pony rider in the game, click the play button. As an alternative, you may visit Google Doodle’s website and access the secret game.

Celebrating Pizza

In this unique game, you must cut the pizza with mouthwatering toppings in accordance with the orders of the consumers. The true difficulty is in dividing the pieces evenly so that each one receives a suitable quantity of toppings. The difficulty of the mini-game steadily increases as you go by slicing an increasing number of pizzas.

Ways to play

It’s possible that Google doesn’t directly provide the game. Therefore, all you have to do is type “play pizza game on google” into the search bar and select the first result that appears.


Basketball is one of Google’s many entertaining sports games. You only need to score as many points as you can in the allotted time to keep things easy. The space bar or the mouse can be used to aim at the basket. The character starts moving forward and backward as the game goes on, making it challenging for you to aim.

Ways to play

Use Google Search to find “play basketball Google” and touch the first result to begin this entertaining and engaging basketball game. To play the hidden game, you may alternatively go directly to the Google Doodle page.

Quick Draw

Are you interested in machine learning and AI? Then you could look into Google’s “Quick Draw.” Given that there are no controls other than your handwriting, this might not quite qualify as a game. The application will give you a drawing prompt and give you 20 seconds to create an object. The AI will then estimate the object based on your artwork.

Ways to play

Simply conduct a Google search for “rapid draw.” Select the first result that appears, then start drawing items for the AI to identify.

Garden Gnomes

In the game Garden Gnomes, you must launch your gnomes across the garden to cover the most distance. Each gnome has a special talent that will help you achieve a higher score.

Ways to play

Just type “play garden gnomes” into Google to start the game. The results section contains the game’s layout. Check out the game from here if it doesn’t appear in the search results.

Championship Island

One of the most recent games to be added to Google is Championship Island. This Google Doodle is based on the Tokyo Olympics 2021 and features a number of mini-games scattered over an island. Players are free to walk around and access any game they like. Due to the resemblance of the setting and player motions, this specific game is heavily influenced by older Pokemon games.

Ways to play

Go to Google and enter “play island games” to start the game. To earn badges and move up levels, complete many tasks.

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