Anthony Gidden’s, Sociology Fifth Addition

This fully revised and updated version of Gidden’s, Sociology Fifth Addition, now in its fifth edition, offers an unrivaled introduction for students new to the subject – lucid, lively, authoritative and original. Written by one of the world′s leading sociologists, this comprehensive textbook manages to be clear, accessible and jargon–free, but without oversimplifying complex debates.

Earlier editions of Sociology broke new ground by incorporating cutting–edge debates, such as the impact of globalization, into an introductory text. This fifth edition remains a state of the art textbook, with fresh and engaging new material added throughout. While covering all of the core topics of sociology, the fifth edition also includes a great deal of substantive new material, ensuring that students are introduced to the most recent sociological debates. Throughout, the book weaves together classical and contemporary theory and data, and provides a wide range of everyday examples to which students can easily relate.

Gidden’s, Sociology Fifth Addition

∗ New discussions of global inequality, disability, aging, and the life course, risk, the network society, and terrorism, as well as many other additional and up–to–date topics.

∗ Numerous learning aids in every chapter, such as summary points, questions for further thought, and additional reading suggestions, help to reinforce students′ knowledge.

∗ Lots of extra photographs, diagrams, case studies, and cartoons, to bring ideas to life and fire students′ imaginations.

∗ High–quality supplementary resources on a dedicated website, including full instructors, ′ manual, and additional student aids, all specially designed to stimulate students′ learning and critical thinking.

The fifth edition of this classic textbook is an ideal teaching text for first-year university and college courses and will be essential reading for all students who are looking for an exciting, authoritative and easy–to–follow introduction to sociology. Download Sociology PDF Book by Anthony Giddens, Philip W. Sutton. Soft Copy of Book Sociology author Anthony Giddens, Philip W. Sutton completely free. Reviews of: Sociology by Anthony Giddens, Philip W. Sutton PDF Book Inside this Book – It Is now 20 years since the first edition of Sociology was published* In 1989 when the book first came out, some readers of the current edition weren’t even born.