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I AM AKHILESH: It’s natural that we often want things to be in our favor irrespective of religion, caste, and class we belong. When we are part of a family, we wish to see it prosper, when we are part of a city or village, we want to see it grow. When it comes to our state, we compare it with other states and when it comes to our country, we want it to flourish in all aspects.

But what leads to such progress? If the family has to be taken forward, then the head of the family should be able to remove all its shortcomings of it. Likewise, to develop a country, state, city, or village, its head should be competent enough. If a doctor treats on the basis of religion or caste, the patient will never get the right treatment. If a teacher discriminates against his students, he can never do justice to his post.

Similarly, if the leader of the country or state discriminates on the basis of religion, language or caste, then he should not have any right to it.

Looking at predominant discrimination and strange incidents on daily basis in our country grief me, leading me to wonder if there is anyone who can really move our society towards development, deviate it from this cheap politics of discrimination and lead our youth towards prosperity.

The only face and name that comes to my mind, is Akhilesh Yadav, who in his entire tenure not only just raised concern towards development but also strived towards achieving it. In a very short span of 5 years, he tried to solve problems related to education, technology, roads, bridge expressway, electricity, water, women’s security and welfare, the social and economic security of the elderly, proper treatment facilities for critical illness and many other such works that seemed to be of major significance. We have never heard religion or caste in any of his speeches, rather his speeches are always aimed to bring the youth and state towards development.

Are we trying to prove how religious we are or that only we are the protectors of our religion, by dividing people in the name of religion or by chanting religious slogans in our speeches?

It is not the fault of those politicians who are dividing us in the name of religion rather it is our fault, we are the ones becoming prey to dirty politics which leads to the destruction of our peace and harmony.

I AM AKHILESH: The purpose of this book is to throw light upon the fact that we need to bring new thoughts, to build our identity which comes from our country and its development. The only way to move from the category of developing countries to that of developed countries is when we replace this politics of religion with politics of development. “Progressive thoughts lead to a developed nation”.

A young leader, who got only 5 years and worked hard day and night for the development of our state, if he gets more chances to serve the state, it would lead to the development and prosperity of both the state and its inhabitants to a larger extent. Almost everyone in our country can use a computer and smartphone, but only an expert can utilize them effectively, likewise, Akhilesh Ji being an educated person proved through his work and commitment how effectively a state can be run.

This book has tried to cover the works done and initiated by Akhilesh Yadav during his tenure. I dared to write this book with the hope that we learn to use our rights properly and know what really our leader should be like. We must decide whether we need the right education system, progressive thoughts, and employment or just politics in the name of religion, caste, and language. “Our Thought, our country, our state, and our selection”. Think!

Dr. Sheeba Khalid