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Dipankar Gupta Caste in Question Identity or Hierarchy Contributions to Indian Sociology Occasional Studies, 12 2004[1]

Dipankar Gupta’s “Caste in Question: Identity or Hierarchy” is a notable work that scrutinizes the multifaceted nature of caste in Indian society. Published as part of the “Contributions to Indian Sociology Occasional Studies, 12” in 2004, this book critically examines the dynamics of caste, exploring whether it primarily operates as a marker of identity or as a system entrenched in hierarchical structures.

Gupta’s work delves into the complexities of caste, contemplating its role in shaping individual identity, societal structures, and power relations. It engages with debates on the traditional understanding of caste as a rigid hierarchical system and questions whether contemporary shifts have altered its significance, potentially offering insights into the evolving nature of caste in India.

The book is recognized for its in-depth analysis and contribution to the discourse on caste in Indian sociology, challenging established perspectives and inviting readers to reconsider their understanding of this intricate social phenomenon.

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