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Edward A. Irons Encyclopedia Of Buddhism Encyclopedia of World Religions 2008[1]

Encyclopedia of Buddhism: Encyclopedia of World Religions is a book by Edward A. Irons, a scholar of Asian religions and cultures. The book was published in 2008 by Checkmark Books. The book provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the terms, concepts, personalities, historical events, institutions, and movements that helped shape the history of Buddhism and the way it is practiced today. The book covers various aspects of Buddhism, such as its origins, teachings, scriptures, schools, sects, practices, rituals, art, architecture, literature, philosophy, ethics, social issues, and interactions with other religions. The book consists of approximately 700 A-to-Z entries, each providing a concise and informative overview of the topic. The book also includes a chronology, a bibliography, a glossary, and an index. The book is intended for students and scholars of religion, as well as general readers who are interested in learning more about Buddhism. You can find more information about the book and its author on the following links: Encyclopedia of Buddhism: Encyclopedia of World Religions, Encyclopedia of Buddhism : Irons, Edward A.

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