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Textbook of Sociology for Physiotherapy

Textbook of Sociology for Physiotherapy Students-KP Neeraja

Textbook of Sociology for Physiotherapy Students by KP NeerajaThis book is aimed at the students of Physiotherapy in undergraduation courses to benefit them to acquire knowledge and skills in a broader social outlook1It comprehensively covers the basic and introductory concepts in sociology as related to the health care profession and help the students to understand the subject in an easy manner1It is of great value in its own right and should guide the student to develop greater insight into the sociological concepts1The book has 15 chapters and 470 pages2. Some of the topics covered in the book are:

The book also contains various practical points not only in dealing with client and his family but social factors related to client, his family and community as well, to provide total client care with the knowledge of sociology1A sincere effort is made to stimulate and motivate the physiotherapy students to identify significant relevant social factors in the occurrence of diseases and their role in management of clients1The concepts are presented in a comprehensive manner to benefit the students1

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