"Get Ready: GTA 6 Sparks Excitement! With the trailer set for December 5th, BettingOdds.com unveils William Hill's odds on celebrity cameos, turning this game launch into a star-studded spectacle!"

1. DJ Khaled (1/4): Locked in for the GTA 6 spotlight with strong rumors fueling his potential involvement. Seems like the DJ's radio charisma might be hitting the game airwaves.

2. Eminem (4/1): The rap maestro, previously in talks with Rockstar, might be eyeing a digital cameo. Fresh off his virtual gig in Fortnite, could Slim Shady be entering the GTA world?

3. Cardi B (3/1): Rumbling whispers point to Cardi B possibly lending her voice to the game. Her massive fan base could be revving up for some in-game action.

4. Snoop Dogg (4/1): The legendary rapper, no stranger to GTA's music scene, might be cooking up something for the game. His recent BBQ-themed antics hint at a possible digital rendezvous.

5. Theo Von (6/1): The comedian's fans are revving their engines on social media to bring him into GTA 6. Could this grassroots movement make the developers take notice?

6. Others: The odds are rolling in for names like Joe Rogan (7/1), Conor McGregor (8/1), Tyson Fury (16/1), and even The Rock (50/1)! While a bit of a long shot, these bets offer tempting odds for some celebrity action in the game.