NCERT Class 12 Political Science Books 1& 2

NCERT Class12 Political Science Easy to download pdf, NCERT Books are considered to be one of the best sources of knowledge for students who are in school to the ones who are preparing for the Civil Services! These Political Science NCERT Class 12 books offer a holistic understanding of every concept and topic in the easiest possible way. They help candidates build their knowledge base for every subject and cover the fundamentals of every subject and topic.

NCERT Books Political Science Class 12 are recommended for candidates who are starting their preparation for the UPSC IAS Exams. These books are the basic reading material that can help candidates form a knowledge base for every subject. Candidates can then move on to the books that are tougher than NCERT Books Class 12 Political Science and provide in-depth knowledge of these subjects. 

In this article, we will focus on NCERT Class12 Political Science. This subject is referred to as “Polity” in the UPSC IAS Exam. Polity is an essential component of the UPSC IAS Syllabus for all the 3 stages of the selection process- starting from the Prelims to the Interview round. Candidates can download the NCERT Books Political Science Class 12 from this article. They can either download it as a complete book or in a chapter-wise manner or both. Keep reading to know the importance of the subject for the Civil Services preparation.

Download Political Science NCERT Books Class 12 PDF: Full Book

It is important to go through all the chapters of the NCERT Books Class 12 Political Science. There are a total of 18 chapters in both books. Each of these chapters covers a lot of important topics and events that have happened in the past few decades. Candidates can choose to download the book in its entirety. Candidates can choose their language preference and download the PDFs accordingly.

NCERT Book Contemporary World Politics

NCERT Book Political Science 2