Sarah Lamb – Aging and the Indian Diaspora

Aging in Indian Diaspora

Aging and the Indian Diaspora Cosmopolitan Families in India and Abroad Sarah Lamb – Aging Indian Diaspora: This book uses aging as a lens to examine and reflect upon profound processes of social change underway in India and the world today. It focuseson older middle-class Indians and their communities in both India andthe United States, … Read more



I AM AKHILESH free pdf to download and offline read I AM AKHILESH: It’s natural that we often want things to be in our favor irrespective of religion, caste, and class we belong. When we are part of a family, we wish to see it prosper, when we are part of a city or village, … Read more

Handbook of Narrative Analysis – LUC Herman

Acknowledgments Many people have helped us along the way. We wish to thank Jürgen Pieters, Hans Vandevoorde, and Jan Vernimmen, who have read earlier versions of this book, for their many comments and Bert Bultinck, Gert Morreel, and Marija Rac for their contributions to the translation from Dutch to English. Special thanks to David Herman … Read more

Pierre Bourdieu – Key Concepts

I wish to acknowledge the help and support extended to me by Cheryl Hardy whilst I was working on this book. She also read the manuscript and provided valuable feedback on it. Nicola Johnson was rny co-author for the Introduction to Part II. I am also grateful to Gayna Davey and Karl Maton for their … Read more