SOCIOLOGY for BA, LLB & Other Integrated Courses

SOCIOLOGY for BA, LLB & Other Integrated Courses free pdf to Download and offline reading

by Dr. Sheeba Khalid

SOCIOLOGY For BA LLB and other integrated courses a textbook provides a clear understanding of all basic concepts, theories, and approaches to the subject including social structures, processes, institutions, and cultures, in a comprehensive and lucid manner. I very sincerely hope that students, as well as teachers, will find this book quite useful and specific. Students can benefit from this book because it includes all the topics of their syllabi. The book, I am sure, is helpful to all those, also those who want to have a glimpse of sociology at a stretch. In the preparation of this book, the inspiration has come from diverse sources, such as classroom teaching and several special lectures and interactions with students. I tried to make this book very easy for the students after having this book with them. I suppose they do not need to make any notes for their syllabus; this book is enough for them. This book is very easy to understand for the students as well as faculty members too.

SOCIOLOGY For BA LLB : We live today in a world that is intensely worrying. It is a world
awash with change, marked by deep conflicts, tensions and social
divisions, as well as by the destructive onslaught of modern technology
on the natural environment. Yet we have possibilities of controlling our
destiny and shaping our lives for the better that would have been
unimaginable to earlier generations. How does the world come out?
Why are our conditions of life so different from those of our parents
and grandparents? What directions will change take in the future? These
questions are the prime concern of Sociology, a field of study that
consequently has a fundamental role to play in modern intellectual life.
Sociology is the scientific study of human social life, groups and
societies. It is a dazzling and compelling enterprise, as its subject matter
is our own behaviour as social beings. The scope of sociological study
is extremely wide, ranging from the analysis of passing encounters
between individuals on the street to the investigation of global social
processes. Sociology demonstrates the need to take a much broader
view of why we are as we are, and why we act as we do. Sociology is
the youngest of social sciences. Its major concern is society, and hence
it is popularly known as the “science of society”. No other science
endeavours to study it in entirely. In Sociology we do not study everything
that happens “in society” or under social conditions. But we study
culture, for example, only for the light it throws on social relationships.
Similarly, we do not study religion as religion, art as art or inventions as
inventions. We study social relationships, their specific forms, varieties

and patterning. We study how the relations combine, how they build
up smaller or greater systems, and how they respond to changes and
changing demands or needs.

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