13th Annual Course Advanced Business Law

Advanced Business Law

CHOICE OF ENTITY DECISION TREE By BYRON F. EGAN Jackson Walker L.L.P.2323 Ross Avenue, Suite 600Dallas, Texas 75201began@jw.com13th Advanced Business Law by Byron F. Egan is a partner of Jackson Walker L.L.P. in Dallas. He is engaged in corporate, partnership, securities, mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”), and financing practices. Mr. Egan has extensive experience in business … Read more

Corporate and Business Law (English)PAPER F4

Corporate and Business Law

Corporate and Business Law (English)PAPER F4, ACC Approved free pdf Corporate and Business Law: BPP Learning Media – Approved Learning Partner – contentAs ACCA‘s Approved Learning Partner – content, BPP Learning Media gives you the opportunity to usestudy materials reviewed by the ACCA examination team. By incorporating the examination team’scomments and suggestions regarding the depth … Read more

Sociology: Principles of Sociology with an Introduction to Sociological Thought

Principles of Sociology

Principles of Sociology C N Shankar Rao Principles of Sociology CNShankarRao provides the students with the fundamental concepts of Sociology and an introduction to Sociology. Principles of Sociology CNShankarRao has been comprehensively written to acquaint the students with the fundamental concepts of Sociology as well as provide an introduction to the diverse aspects of Sociology. … Read more

Data Collection Methods And Types | Data Sangrah Ki Paribhasha Aur Prakar |

We will discuss Data Collection Methods Types What is Data Collection?• The process by which the researchers collect theinformation needed to answer the research problem.•In an established systematic fashion that enables oneto answer stated research questions, test hypotheses,and evaluate outcomes. Ways of Searching for Research Instruments• Read professional journals to learn what kind ofinstruments are … Read more