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Marvin Mckinney

Simulacra 3 phone-based horror franchise launch Date

The Simulacra series is a phone-based horror franchise that aims to replicate an immersive scary story that is sure to keep you up at night by making use of every feature of your portable mobile device. It's challenging to find a comparison because these games tend to be quite unique, although Sara is Missing or A Normal Lost Phone come quite close.

Simulacra's main gameplay loops have you searching through a phone, cracking codes, browsing through a picture app, watching videos, and other similar things as you piece together the plot. The fact that all of those films and pictures are fully created in an FMV format, evoking memories of the computer game Her Story, is the best aspect of the series, at least to me.

In Simulacra 3, you'll assume the position of an intern for a media firm who starts to gradually solve a mystery that encompasses the entire imaginary town where the game is set and one that goes right to the heart of the location.

The fact that the third entry is all in real-time, as opposed to the first two, makes it more exciting because you'll always be under pressure to solve riddles while worrying about potential scares interrupting you. Overall, it creates an immersive and quite well-acted experience that will give you the chills to the bone, much like the previous two.