Ranking of the Top 10 Horror Games of 2022

2022 has shown to be a terrific year for fans of horror video games, offering everything from the isolating blood ocean of Iron Lung to the horrifying body horror of Scorn.

The Death | Thần Trùng

A first-person psychological horror game called The Death | Thn Trùng is set in Hanoi. When unusual things start to happen, the player controls a regular man who is walking through the city streets. His past suddenly comes to life, and he must choose how to distinguish illusion from truth.


The Complex: Found Footage


A first-person exploration horror game called The Complex: Found Footage is situated in the titular "Backrooms." A mystery person who has accumulated recordings with odd content is the framing device. The player assumes the role of the camera handler as they explore the backrooms' seemingly limitless territory after inserting the tape.


Fears to Fathom: Norwood Hitchhike

Norwood Hitchhike, the second book in the Fears to Fathom series, is about fear. This time, the player is a 19-year-old college student called Holly Gardner who is driving home from a gaming convention, as opposed to being at home alone. However, her car breaks down enroute, forcing her to stay in a dubious motel.


Ravenous Devil

A business tycoon simulation game with a gothic edge, Ravenous Devils is similar to Diner Dash. Percival, a man in charge of a modest tailor shop, is the character that the player controls. Hildred, his wife, also manages a prosperous tavern a few floors below him. The tavern has a sinister secret, though: Percival's unfortunate patrons serve as its components.


Night At the Gates of Hell

First-person vintage survival horror game Night at the Gates of Hell has the same timeless PS1/VHS style as Puppet Combo's other titles. Instead of sticking to their tried-and-true slasher method this time, the creators have the player experience a zombie apocalypse. To be more precise, a zombie apocalypse more analogous to cheesier B-horror films than The Walking Dead.


The Closing Shift

A hip coffee shop serves as the unusual location for the scares in the Japanese first-person horror game The Closing Shift. A young woman who isn't named and works the night shift at this cafe is assumed by the player. The clients appear eerie and unusual as the night draws in, and the woman starts to worry that one of them is pursuing her.



A terrifying first-person survival horror game similar to Alien, Scorn was just recently launched. It takes place in a nightmare environment inspired by H.R. Giger. The player is dropped into a world of living muscle and tissue, and they have to use their wits to escape. The phrase "a fully living environment," often used by critics to compliment sandbox games, is taken very literally in Scorn.


Iron Lung

Independent sci-fi exploration horror game Iron Lung defies expectations. The player assumes the character of a prisoner who has been placed on the "Iron Lung," a submarine that is only partially functional. They are compelled to investigate the darkest corners of a sea of blood on a far-off moon with little preparation.


The Mortuary Assistant

In the first-person horror game The Mortuary Assistant, the player assumes the role of a budding mortician. For her internship in mortuary science, Rebecca Owens is responsible for working the graveyard shift. Unfortunately, the causes have little to do with her thesis topic. She has been tasked by the mortician to exorcise a demon that poses a threat to their life.


SCP: Secret File

SCP: Secret Files is a short yet noteworthy horror anthology game that crosses several genres. The player assumes the position of Karl, a new researcher for the Foundation who is charged with gathering some of the most crucial records for the organisation. Karl's ideas of the world shift as a result of this, but it's unclear how much of it is genuine.