Ecofeminism and Globalization

Ecofeminism and Globalization: Exploring Culture, Context, and Religion, edited by Heather Eaton and Lois Ann Lorentzen. This book discusses ecofeminism in the context of the social, political and ecological consequences of globalization. It includes case studies, essays, theoretical works, and articles on ecofeminist movements from many of the world’s regions, such as Taiwan, Mexico, Kenya, Chile, India, Brazil, Canada, England and the United States12345. The book covers topics such as environmental justice, biotechnology, spirituality, indigenous feminism, ecofeminist theology, and ecofeminist ethics. It also explores the connections between ecofeminism and other social movements, such as human rights, animal rights, peace, and democracy. The book aims to provide a comprehensive and critical analysis of the challenges and opportunities that ecofeminism faces in the era of globalization.