Auther’s Page

Dr. Sheeba Khalid is a distinguished figure in the field of Sociology, boasting an illustrious career as a seasoned professor, prolific author, and influential contributor to the discipline. With extensive teaching and supervisory experience, Dr. Khalid has profoundly shaped the academic landscape of Sociology.

Her contributions to Sociology are multifaceted and impactful. As a published author of peer-reviewed papers and articles in esteemed journals, she has significantly advanced the field’s knowledge base. Dr. Khalid’s expertise extends beyond academia, as she is also recognized for her presentations at industry-related conferences, where her insights have garnered acclaim and contributed to ongoing discussions in the field.

Dr. Khalid’s dedication to education is evident in her diverse teaching portfolio, covering an array of courses such as Social Research Methods, Introduction to Sociology, and specialized topics like Sociology of Nursing, Gender and Society, and Sociology of Marine Engineering. Her versatility is exemplified through courses like Sociological Approach to Law, Sociological Approach to Physiotherapy, and State and Society, where she has effectively bridged sociology with other disciplines, enriching the academic experience for her students.

Beyond teaching and research, Dr. Khalid’s proactive engagement in practical projects is notable. Her endeavor in securing copyrights for projects, notably “Cost-Effective Water Filtration Using Industrial Fly Ash Waste,” highlights her commitment to innovative and socially impactful initiatives addressing real-world challenges.

Proficient in English, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali, Dr. Sheeba Khalid’s linguistic abilities reflect her diverse cultural understanding. Additionally, her proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and adeptness with the internet showcase her technological acumen, enabling her to navigate modern academic and professional landscapes seamlessly.

Through her scholarly contributions, extensive teaching repertoire, and commitment to practical solutions, Dr. Sheeba Khalid stands as a revered figure, enriching Sociology with her expertise, knowledge, and dedication to societal betterment.