David E. Armstrong, a prominent sociologist, authored “A New History of Identity: A Sociology of Medical Knowledge” in 2002. This insightful work delves into the intricate intersections between sociology and medical knowledge. Armstrong’s comprehensive analysis sheds light on the evolution of identity within the context of medical practices, exploring its historical dimensions and societal implications. David E. Armstrong titled A New History of Identity: A Sociology of Medical Knowledge, published in 2002. This book is a sociological analysis of how medical texts reflect and shape the perceptions of illness, the body, and identity in different historical periods. The book covers topics such as the construction of the body, the negotiation of death, the discovery of origins, the creation of a social identity, the invocation of subjectivity, the instillation of agency, the confession of death, the dimensionalization of identity, the emergence of risk, the death of the old hospital, the birth of primary care, and the identity of the observer. The book also includes a note on methodology and a bibliography.

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