• Alienation is the feeling of being disconnected or estranged from one’s own human nature, society, or work as a result of living in a capitalist system.
  • Marx identified four types of alienation that workers experience under capitalism: from the product of their labor, from the process of their labor, from their species-essence, and from other workers.
  • Marx argued that alienation is caused by the division of labor, the exploitation of workers by capitalists, and the commodification of human relations.
  • Marx believed that alienation can be overcome by abolishing capitalism and establishing a communist society, where workers would control the means of production and work according to their needs and abilities.

If you want to learn more, you can check out these sources: Marx’s theory of alienation – Wikipedia, Marx’s Theory of Alienation – Simply Psychology, and Alienation and Social Alienation: Definitions – ThoughtCo.

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