In simple words, the process of urbanisation denotes population growth of the cities and towns. Sociologically, it also denotes the spread of urban way of life to the country-side. Thus, the process of urbanisation has demographic as well as social dimensions. In present times, with the spread of industrialisation, the process of urbanisation has received unprecedented momentum all over the world and more specifically in the third world countries. It is predicated, on the basis of the current rates of urbanisation, that within a few decades the urban population of the third world countries will grow twice that of the present industrialised societies. industrialisation and urbanisation in india sociology, industrialisation and urbanisation in india sociology upsc, modernisation urbanisation and industrialisation, difference between industrialisation and urbanisation, industrialization and urbanization, what is industrialisation and urbanisation, difference between industrialization and urbanization, problems with industrialization and urbanization, urbanization and its impact, urbanization and industrialization, industrial revolution urbanization, industrial revolution urbanization, Industrialisation and Urbanisation causes of urbanisation impact of urbanisation rural and urban migration rural migration

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